NCHalloween 2019

NCH Student Blog | November 19, 2019

NCH’s LGBTQ+ Society has officially hosted their second annual Halloween party, and it was even better than the last!

Halloween was the perfect time to party: the long stretch of the first term is over, and everyone was ready to dress up and wind down. The costumes this year were fantastic—highlights included President Trump and her 7-foot-tall first lady, students dressed in cloaks, lingerie, and everything in between, and even an homage to our own beloved College master! The costume award went to a one-eyed art-nouveau Medusa, because nothing is greater than when horror meets fashion! The bar staff also made a fantastic display of glitz and glamour, serving the Halloween special of spooky “necroni” negronis.

The main attraction of the evening was of course the Haunted Casino. As a one-night only casino, the Drawing Room certainly looked the part: blood-red tinsel trickling down each window, and skulls and flickering candles adorning every surface. No amount of decoration, however, could be quite as fantastic as the games: blackjack and roulette are as enjoyable as they are glamorous! With £50 of fun money given to each guest on the door, by the end of the evening our winning player had raked in almost £6,000—and a bottle of Prosecco. A huge thank you to the wonderful croupiers at Fun Casino Hire!

More spectacular still was the Lip Sync Battle. It was a wild and artful display of krumping, gyrating and twerking. None of the contestants missed a beat, and the crowd’s cheering and applause could probably be heard from every corner of Bedford Square! We were even treated to a performance by our belle of the ball Brian, championing the steampunk drag queen look. Our prize winners were Cormac and Eirin- our lookalike A. C. Grayling turned racy-Grayling and a flawlessly sequined flapper- with an lip sync of Hot Chocolate’s You Sexy Thing.

By the time everyone finished partying at midnight, we had all had a spooktacular time. It had been a long and entertaining night of ordering mystery shots at the bar, grazing on trick-or-treat chocolates, dancing to the Cha Cha Slide and the Time Warp, and posing for photos with our most outrageously dressed classmates; great fun was had by all! We owe our thanks to the Student Union, bar staff, and Brian, who helped the LGBTQ+ society organise and run the party, and to Maria, our incredible photographer for the evening. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that NCHalloween can become a tradition to look forward to next year!