My Accelerate Boston Experience

NCH London | November 14, 2019

“One of the best aspects of doing the summer school at Northeastern University was the opportunity that it gives you to take your first step towards independence before being thrown in the ‘deep end’ at university.

You have the opportunity to go to a foreign country and try out living and studying on your own terms to a much greater extent than you will ever have done in high school. However, going to Northeastern not only helps you develop your capacity for independence but also your understanding of what you are going to study. The talented intellectuals of Northeastern do a wonderful job at getting you to consider your chosen subject on the course from new interesting and often mind-bending ways. This is made all the better by the wide and diverse range of fellow students you will be studying with and the fact that you will invariably make some great friends along the way.

The course is also a unique way to experience the historic city of Boston, with you not only having the opportunity to live on a beautiful campus and sample the delicious range of local food but also to experience the great range of activities the city has to offer. With the course  allowing you to go to everything from a local red socks game to nearby escape rooms. The course is made all the better by going through NCH as it allows you to meet your what will be your fellow students after the summer. Allowing you an early attempt to meet friends for university making matriculation must less stressful a prospect.

In summary, doing the pre-college program at Northeastern resulted in some of the best weeks of my life. From the people you meet to the new lessons and subjects you learn, it’s such a great adventure. It’s a great opportunity to learn a new way at looking at the world while also gaining a level of independence that most students don’t have before university, and I therefore  recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to give it a go.”

– Alex, Accelerate 2019


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