The Cult of Saints and their Relics at Whitby Abbey

NCH London | November 7, 2019

The Cult of Saints and their Relics at Whitby Abbey: Scholarship and Interpretative Challenges by Dr Michael Carter, Senior Properties Historian, English Heritage.

Tuesday 29 October: Art History Research Seminar, New College of the Humanities


As the Art History department at the New College of The Humanities, we are very pleased to have had our first research seminar with Dr Michael Carter, organized by Dr Niamh Bhalla. The talk delivered by Dr Carter was mainly focused on the cult of saints and their relics at Whitby Abbey, but as well as that our students were fortunate to receive an insight into potential careers at English Heritage.

Dr Carter presented several aspects of working at English Heritage from the perspective of an art historian. Describing how English Heritage needs to provide interpretation and an immersive experience across many demographics, he then demonstrated his research process through a case study on the remains of the Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire.

Following the talk, Dr Carter encouraged a discussion that engaged both students and faculty staff. Our students acquired a deeper understanding of how an art historian can pursue a career at a heritage organisation, and how the actual process of art historical research proceeds, both in theory and practice.



Alicja Stapor