5 vegetarian or vegan lunch ideas

NCH Student Blog | October 7, 2019

Are you over the fast-food options and you want to start preparing the food on your own? Second year Law with Economics student, Martyna, shares her top 5 lunchbox ideas, that are simple and budget friendly!

1.Lentil Masala (ve.) I am a big fan of lentil masala, I used to always get it whenever I ate at LEON. It’s comforting, warm and very healthy! Recently, I decided to try and cook more at home. I found that it is one of the most delicious and quickest lunchbox ideas. You can prepare a big pot of lentil masala and eat it for a few days. All you need is: · Lentils · Masala spices · Coconut Milk · Any veggies of your choice – butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes For specific instructions, I recommend checking out this recipe.

2. Risotto I love Italian cuisine, it’s simple and delicious. Risotto is one of those dishes that goes well with most of the veggies. It’s a one-pot dish, one of the easiest one’s to prepare and store in the fridge! I am a big fan of seasonal cooking, currently, I am obsessed with butternut squash and I found a perfect recipe here.

3. Pasta Another classic that works perfectly with everything, ideally combines with all kinds of tomato sauces. You can make it spicy, add a chicken, or any source of protein of your choice. My all-time favourites are pesto pasta, penne arabiatta and spaghetti aglio a olio. If you need some inspiration, here is a video that shows how much you can do with a simple tomato sauce and pasta (just be creative!).

4. Rice and veggies (ve.) A perfect one-pot meal, ready in under 30 minutes! You just have to prepare rice, add your favourite spices, veggies and a protein of choice (chicken, tofu, jackfruit, prawns). I am a big fan of spicy foods and this paella-inspired recipe stole my heart! It’s also a perfect dish if you want to clean your fridge of all the leftover veggies. If you invest in different size lunch boxes you can just store already prepared, portioned meals, that way even if you’re running late, you’re not going to be hungry!

5. Five Bean Chili A perfect dish if you want to need something quick that will last for a few days. It’s spicy, healthy and vegan friendly! Ideal option for one of those chilly, autumn days. If you don’t feel confident cooking from a recipe and you’re looking for a video that will instruct you on how to do so, here is a perfect one. A pro tip: if you prepare too much, you can always freeze it and save it for later.