Freshers’ Week 101

NCH London | September 10, 2019

Here at The New College of the Humanities, like many other UK universities, we hold a Freshers’ Week before lectures commence. This year it will be running Sunday the 14th to Saturday the 21st of September where we will close the week with the annual Matriculation-Graduation Ball.

During this week we will be organising a variety of different events to introduce new students to life at NCH, London and university life in general. These will include, themed bar nights, library introductions and tours, enrollment and other social events.


How it works

When incoming students have received their timetables and will see that everything happening during the week is separated and colour coded depending on the type of event and who is in charge of it. The organisers of some events often overlap, with the Student Union and student representatives helping the various faculties with delivery. The events on offer range from compulsory attendance to open participation so students have the opportunity to really dive into the college community. Almost every event will be held in central London, with most either taking place at 19 Bedford Square or just around the corner.

Who’s in charge
The Freshers’ Week events organised by the faculty and Student and Academic Services (SAS) are usually the really key areas where new students will receive information about our academic and administrative processes, important safety/life advice and officially enroll in college. Theses are typically called introductions, talks or training and are led by faculty members and Student Ambassadors. The other events on the timetable are generally more socially orientated: bar nights, Freshers’ fairs, pub quizzes. These events are put on by the Student Union and Freshers Reps.
During the week there will always be students in college and at events and if new students are looking to approach any of them with questions, particularly concerning Freshers’ Week, the key people to look out for are Freshers Reps – these are students who work with the student union to put on the more social events. There will also be Student Ambassadors around – who are organised and paid by the office team and will often be involved in those events they organise. These students will be easily identifiable either by name badges or T-shirts but if in doubt we’re
sure any NCH will do their best to answer any questions.

What to Wear
90% of our events don’t have a dress code – and if they do we’ll make sure everyone knows really far in advance. It’s always best to turn up to administration events well presented, not least because you’ll be having both student ID photos taken and there will be photos taken for social media. When it comes to bar nights, the NCH community is very close and accepting so students can dress as they want; we encourage all students to get involved and dress to any themes or fancy dress events. Most balls at NCH are Black Tie events and are a great opportunity to dress up; any dress code requirements are stated in the invitation and we’re sure that any existing students can always advise on what to wear.

If any new students have any inquiries about the Student Union events during Freshers’ Week or existing students are interested in becoming a Freshers Rep they can contact Evie Shipp on Facebook or at