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London Internships

Aleksander Mielnikow | July 22, 2019

When I came to London, I heard one word continuously: internships. Everyone was talking about them. No matter if I just wanted to have a rest in my accommodation, talk with my friends at the college or enjoy a local event. This word was omnipresent. So… how could you get them then?

I will focus on internships related to my degree: BSc Economics with Politics & IR so mostly about those in banks and other financial institutions.

In general, the summer internship you are looking for will take place in the second year. That is the time when companies usually seek for their potential new employees. In the first year, you could still apply for a spring insight week. There are a lot of people applying so you have to be fast. I have started in December and it was already too late. However, remember that spring insight is not a must and you can still apply without it in the second year.

Also, you can consider doing a summer internship during the first year. It would be quite difficult in London. As I mentioned before, most of the big companies look for students in their penultimate year but you could still try to find some opportunities here. If you come from another country, you could consider coming back during the summer and finding a suitable internship there.

Summer internships as well as spring insight applications follow a similar process. The ’starter pack’ usually consists of:

  • CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Application form
  • Predicted grades
  • Online tests
  • Online interviews

After this stage, you could have a face to face interview or some group assignments. It varies from one institutions to another but the core usually stays the same.

There is one more thing that I would like to mention: your first year does not count to your final grade but it matters for internships. So if you are planning to have that amazing experience in your penultimate year, focus on your grades in the first year.

That’s all. I hope I made this confusing process a bit clearer.

Aleksander Mielnikow

Aleksander Mielnikow is a current student at New College of the Humanities. Read his blog entries here.