Teaching and Exams at NCH

NCH Student Blog | June 24, 2019

This article is a quick summary and review of how teaching at NCH works, in preparation for assessment through coursework and exams.

Generally speaking at NCH during term time you’ll have one essay due a week – two on the rare occasion – which you’ll then send to your lecturer who will mark it in time for your tutorial. Tutorials are between 45 mins to an hour. You usually have four tutorials per module in your major degree subject and two in your minor – this is excluding group seminars.

A tutorial is the perfect time to flesh out those areas in the essay that need improving or discuss parts of the readings that you didn’t understand. Or maybe a particular topic piqued your interest and you would like some further reading recommendations and to discuss it in depth with your tutor!

Nonetheless, these essays are extremely helpful for revision because you have up to four essays on four different topics in that module. As you can imagine this dramatically reduces the amount of reading for those topics, which allows you to focus on further readings and the other topics in the module during revision period.

Lecture notes are great too of course but essays that you have comprehensive feedback on, which contain core concepts and key ideas applied to specific questions is the way I learn best!

The better your formative essays are during the year, the more helpful they are during exam period. They were invaluable for me this year and tutorials are one of the reasons I love the teaching style at NCH.