Having a successful exam season

Rebecca Stewart | May 14, 2019

It’s that time of year: Exam Season.

It’s a little bit painful and slightly stressful but in education, it has to be done.

As a finalist, and with exams counting for 100% of my module grades, revision is the single most important thing in my life until the summer. Here’s how I plan on getting through it with as little panic as possible!

1. Plan ahead

This really works for some people and not so much for others, but I like making a rough schedule of what topics I need to revise and how long I have to spend on each module. This helps me manage my time into smaller chunks which means I don’t feel overwhelmed (most of the time)!

2. Start early

This means two things: Firstly, early in relation to your exam dates (which is a given) but also early each day. One of my favourite things to do during revision season is wake up early and have a relaxed morning routine. I usually wake up at 6.30 or 7am, get ready and come to College straight away – it’s great that the building is open for students early in the morning and until the evening. I eat my breakfast there and start studying at 8am. This means I can finish early (4 or 5pm) and I have my evenings free to go to the gym or veg out on the sofa with some Ben and Jerrys!

Of course, if you’re a night owl and enjoy your bed too much in the morning, then by all means work to your schedule. Try your best to get in a good length of working day and some free time for yourself as well, though.

3. Make (manageable) to do lists

Having a small list of what you want to accomplish on a given day is a great way to not feel overwhelmed. There’s a strange satisfaction in ticking even the smallest thing off your list, like organising your notes. Once you have the smaller distractions out of the way you can get to the good stuff. Pick a topic (or topics) you want to focus on that day and split up your tasks: read the textbook chapter, draw your revision spider diagram, fill out your flash cards for cases or whatever else works for you. Instead of writing “revise The rule of law” your list, small steps will create a great finished product.

Good luck with all of your revision! Don’t worry – summer will arrive quicker than you imagine!