Why Economics? Why NCH?

NCH Student Blog | March 20, 2019

Economics is a multidisciplinary course. It is based on mathematical calculations, essay writing and logical analysis.

What are the benefits of studying Economics?

Economics opens more doors than it closes. After graduating, you could look for work opportunities in the private or public sector. It will also provide you with useful skills that will help you if you wish to be an entrepreneur, an advisor or a statistician.

Why at NCH?

There are many reasons why NCH is an amazing place to study Economics. Here are the 3 main ones:

Firstly, NCH offers personalised learning. Not only does it help you to understand Economics in depth but it also allows you to thrive in a specific area of your interest. If you are looking for applications of Economics in real-life models, professors will guide you through this process.

Secondly, you can select a unique combination of subjects which would not be possible at other universities. You can study Economics with complementary subjects such as law, politics, philosophy and more. All of those subjects develop skills related to humanistic parts of Economics which are often neglected. It is important not only to master calculating economic indicators but effective communication as well. You can build on those skills thanks to the unique minors at NCH.

Thirdly, the location of the college puts you in the centre of economic affairs. NCH is just a few minutes away from parliament. As a result, there are plenty of economic events and conferences happening in the area that you can attend or get involved with. These extracurricular opportunities will let you thrive in a specific area of your interest.

I hope that these arguments persuaded you to choose Economics or at least made you consider this option. If you’re still undecided, find our Economics students on UniBuddy and send them a message!