Things you should know about NCH

Rebecca Stewart | February 27, 2019

As with any university, you can take a lot of information from our website and prospectus – which is of course valuable. However, here are a few things you may not appreciate about us (at least, until you meet us in person):

  1. We collaborate: This happens in many ways – whether it’s between faculties for academic purposes, between individuals coming together for our LAUNCH projects or even between societies for Students’ Union events. This means that no matter what you’re studying, where you’re living or who you hang out with, there are endless opportunities to meet your fellow students and academics from other faculties.
  2. We’re international: I don’t just mean by percentage of students studying with us that normally reside outside of the UK. I mean in our outlook as well. The NCH Diploma allows students to think outside their discipline to the questions being attempted by the rest of the world – whether that’s ethical or scientific. This liberal arts style follows on quite nicely for students already familiar with the International Baccalaureate but coming from an A Levels background, I find it very satisfying to generalise instead of specialise for once!
  3. We’re like family: Coming from a small Irish village to the hustle and bustle of London was a significant culture shock for me, but thankfully NCH was homely and welcoming enough so that I didn’t feel lost in London. Your lecturers and classmates will be with you throughout the whole three years to support your journey and don’t forget about the older students as well. In my second and third years, I have acted as something of a mentor to Freshers – helping them with their first few essays, law firm applications and anything else they need to know. You will always have someone to ask!