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Preparing for your Interview

NCH Student Blog | January 11, 2019

At NCH, we interview all candidates before making our final offer. Although we accept direct applications throughout the year, with the January UCAS deadline not far away, we might be welcoming you soon! Here are some top tips from our students on how to ace your admissions interview:


“Engage with NCH before you have your interview. This may be more extensive for some applicants than others. But your ability to attend an open day, taster day, taster lecture or anything else will let NCH staff and student ambassadors meet you so you can make an early impression but more importantly, shows you first hand what we’re offering and our specific style of teaching. If you can’t come to London, don’t worry! Unibuddy allows you to talk to a vast number of NCH students, and the more questions you ask of us – the better you’ll know our College.”

Rebecca, Law LLB


“Come at least 10 minutes earlier than your start time. It will be a great opportunity for you to calm down and drink hot tea with student ambassadors. I recommend you asking them some questions about their interviews. I remember that it really helped me.”

Aleksander, Economics with Politics & IR


“[The interviewers] are kind and don’t expect you to know everything. They are more interested in the reasoning generated by your mind, than by how many A*s you received at GCSE.”

Eliseo, PPE with Politics major


“Ask questions yourself! This is so important, not only because it will make you seem interested and attentive, but more importantly because this interview is not just to see if you are a fit for NCH, but also for yourself to see if NCH is a fit for you.

Helena, Economics with Politics & IR


So, there you have it – our top tips for a successful NCH admissions interview!