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Bedfellows ‘North Pole’s Santa’

Maxi Camino | January 11, 2019

Twas a few weeks before Christmas, and all through the college,
Some elf actors were playing, with an audience hostage…

The plan was Christmas with a twist. A few plays that members wanted to put up, some
homemade gingerbread to accompany the acts, and a dystopian North Pole for the setting.
All this agreed in a not-so-secret meeting some few weeks before and prepared in the 11th
week of the term. Christmas propaganda was prepared and peppered on the college walls,
and a Santa suit sourced for the king in the north, and after all the dedication, the talent, the
rehearsals and bright ideas that one week could yield, I present the result as recounted by
audience member Mascha (who definitely wants to participate next time):

Upon arrival, once granted entry to the college, which was now the dystopian North Pole, all
audience members were given Santa hats and were greeted by a drunkenly seeming Santa.
We were guided up the stairs to a buffet full of delicious and themed baked goods and drinks.
Not knowing what to expect, we eventually all sat down, and the play began. What followed
was a wonderfully comedic and enthusiastic fight of two elf brothers, which succeeded in
making every single audience member laugh. The next play, an adaptation of the Inside No. 9
episode “Sardines”, ended with a dark, unexpected twist and was rewarded by loud cheering
and clapping. The evening continued, with an uprising of the Elves, the defeat of Santa and
performances stretching into different rooms of the college, eventually ending back where we
started, with more cookies and drinks.

This was my first experience of a Bedfellows performance, and even though I knew NCH is a
place full of creative people, with so many societies dedicated to fuelling this, I was still
amazed by how much effort was put in and how much talent everyone showed. I loved how
the audience was so actively watching and engaging with the performances, and it proved
once more what a wonderful community we have at NCH!