Tips From a Final Year

NCH London | August 28, 2018

When it comes to university life, it’s all about essays, especially at NCH. Everyone has their own system when it comes to writing essays and how they go about getting the task at hand done, however a little advice in my first year would have done me some good! Therefore, here are some tips from a final year and what I wish I’d known earlier!


I only have five bits of advice to give you.

1. If you can and you have enough time, read everything you need to for your essay in one go. This means you’ll be reading everything in one day, so you can let it settle in the back of your mind and come up with your own argument having clued yourself up.

If you write the essay the next day, you’ll hopefully have some clarity on how you want to guide the essay through your brilliant arguments and thoughts. Hey presto, you have a great essay.

Some people are a little resistant with this way of doing things because it feels like you’re wasting time or you won’t have enough to write, however, you’ll end up smashing through it in much less time once you’ve got a clearer idea of all the material. It seems really intuitive but many people merely write as they read, or skim through a few papers and turn out something really thin.

2. As for student life at NCH, the community is small and can feel a little slow. The few events may only have a few people turn up, but if you commit 100% to whatever event you’re going to, it’ll make your 3 years much more fulfilling. Uni life flies by, so you might as well make the most of the unique experiences that NCH offer.

3. As for the weekend, if you’re spending hours reading and writing these essays you may as well learn to kill the week with some really fun weekend plans! Of course, a bit of rest and relaxation is always necessary but nothing makes the week’s work worth it than an absolutely rogue night. The kind of night where you go to a new club with some friends and end up going on an adventure across London. Saturday morning comes around too quickly and you realise there’s a long journey home. You sleep for the rest of the day and hey presto, you feel like you’ve earnt your rest. It’s honestly one of the best feelings.

4. On a more practical note, if you’re traveling around, (which you will be doing if you’re killing the week), you’ll need to kit yourself with a monthly or weekly travel card. Ok, yes, seeing how much you’re spending in one go will upset you a little BUT it is much more financially sound and the travel card goes date to date rather than month to month if you see what I mean. So some months you’ll be getting 5 weeks per month. You’re welcome.

5. As for general life advice, university is the time of your life when you can really do anything you want with very few real consequences. So don’t stress so much, especially in first year, you’ll be grateful for treating yourself to some fun. Take that year out you wanted to do ages ago, and yes do it between graduating and your new life – who’s going to stop you? You deserve to be happy. Take up that language course, go on that trip, do whatever you want, you might as well try and enjoy your twenties in style! Just give yourself a reality check around 25 and you’ll be fine.