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Making the Most of London in Summer

Brian Oosthuizen | August 6, 2018

For the first time in a while, I’m in London in summer. We’ve been lucky with how much sun and hot weather we’ve had, so in conjunction with that, I thought I’d put together 5 top tips for how to make the most of London in summer time.


1. Pub Gardens

This summer it’s been especially vibrant with the World Cup (almost coming home) and Wimbledon. One of the most lively places, whether a match is on or not, is a pub garden. When the sun is out, get a jug of Pimms and soak up the atmosphere.

Some of the most popular pub or beer gardens, courtesy of the Telegraph, are:

  1. The Albion in Islington
  2. Duke of Edinburgh, Brixton
  3. The Edinboro Castle, Camden
  4. The Old George, Bethnal Green
  5. People’s Park Tavern, London Fields/Hackney


2. Make the most of all the Music and Arts in Town.

Over Summer, students tend to have a load of time off. At evenings and weekends, the city comes alive with festivals and events. Sometimes these will be ticketed events, such as Lovebox and Wireless, and others will be open to the public. A few of the best free events include:

  • The National Theatre’s River Stage Festival
  • All Points East
  • Summer by the river – London Bridge
  • Street Life at Alexandra Palace


3. Big events – Pride and Carnival

Arguably one the best things about Summer in London is the massive events, such as Pride, that happen in the summer where thousands of people hit the streets for a massive party. This year I went to Pride for my third time and, as usual, the city was covered in glitter as people celebrated together in the sun. Another jubilant occasion is Notting Hill Carnival, which I believe is at the end of August this year.


4. Avoid crowded tubes

This is less of a ‘go out and try this’ kind of recommendation, and more of an ‘avoid this at all costs’ kind of recommendation…No one enjoys a packed tube at the best of times, but in the current 30+ degree heat, I would suggest planning any tube travel to avoid packed, rush-hour, sweaty tubes. One of the few benefits on living on the otherwise slow and irregular district line is that it is air-conditioned. The majority of others (if not all others) aren’t. So, yeah, avoid a packed tube at all costs.


5. Picnics!

Another positive one! I’m fortunate to live just by a park, but I have found that wherever I’ve lived in London, I’ve never been far from a green space. Especially if the sun is out, I would so highly recommend having a picnic. In London, I feel like people often feel compelled to be going places or doing something, and having a picnic feels like something you’d do elsewhere, but it’s one of the greatest pleasures to sit in the sun, in a busy London park with your friends.

Brian Oosthuizen

BA Philosophy with Economics