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Advice for starting at NCH!

NCH London | July 12, 2018

So you’re starting at NCH and your first few weeks will potentially be the busiest within your young adult’s life. You probably feel excited yet apprehensive so try not to fret! You probably will feel extremely nervous whether you are joining us from your home in the UK or whether you are joining us from abroad because it is scary to be studying in an unfamiliar place. However, I have prepared some advice to help you get ready for your journey at NCH London.

Things to do before arrival at NCH London

1. Sort your accommodation! – Imagine travelling all the way to London and not planning where you are going to live for the year! London offers a huge range of accommodation options for an even wider range of budgets. We recommend near by halls or shared accommodation so you can experience living with fellow students and get straight into the swing of student life. Many NCH students also choose to share private accommodation with fellow students. Our most popular accommodation’s include Mannequin House and Tufnell House.

2. Plan your route from accommodation to university – Are you in walking distance to NCH London? Do you need to catch the Northern Line to Tottenham Court Road? By being prepared about your daily commute you can ensure you’re not going to miss out on the Fresher fun within the beginning weeks. If you are travelling by tube it might be worth investing in a Student Oyster Card.

3. Find out what you need to bring – Do you need to bring cleaning products, kitchen essentials, bedding? Find out by checking on your specific accommodation page!

4. Money, money, money – Have you sorted out Student Finance in order to enjoy all the entertainment London has to offer you? If you are joining us from abroad, have you sorted out currency and whether your bank cards will work in England?

5. Join our NCH London social media pages – Give our Facebook and Twitter pages a follow to ensure your up to date with the latest events.

6. Visa las London – If you are joining us from abroad, make sure you have got a valid Visa in order to study with us here at NCH London!

Things to do when you arrive at NCH London

1. Attend the Fresher’s Events – NCH London will hold Fresher’s Events however due to using some University of London facilities, there are general London Fresher’s Events to get involved with as well! This is a chance to challenge yourself and take up some new activities, that you have potentially never tried before!

2. Find your nearest food store – And I don’t just mean the McDonald’s on Tottenham Court Road! Ensuring you have a healthy balanced diet is an important factor of being a hard-working student so find your nearest supermarket and stock up on fruit and vegetables!

3. Find your healthcare – Find your nearest dentist/GP/hospital and make sure you are registered for the future.

4. Leave your bedroom door open – This will help to ensure you are included in activities that your new accommodation friends might want to attend. Freshers’ is a busy few weeks. It’s easy to feel scared but the sooner you make friends the better. You’re all in this together! Of course if it is a fire door, then perhaps it is a better idea to just migrate to a communal space where you can be sociable.

What to bring with you before starting at NCH

1. For the kitchen – Check what is already provided in your accommodation, if you’re catered you probably won’t need to bring cooking utensils. At my first year of university I brought: x2 Saucepans, x1 Frying Pan, x3 Forks, x3 Knives, x3 Spoons, x3 Teaspoons, x2 Wooden Spoon, x2 Sharp Knives, x1 Scissors (Good for cutting up pizza!), x1 Baking tray, x1 Bottle Opener, x2 Plates, x2 Bowls, x2 Mugs, x2 Glasses, x1 Colander, x2 Tea towels
You might also want to bring basic spices (Salt, pepper, paprika etc) and stock pots.

2. For the bedroom – Bring a duvet, duvet cover, pillows, pillow covers and a bottom sheet. I brought two sets of covers/sheets at university because it means you can wash one set and let it dry. I would also bring clothes hangers, a laundry basket, a door wedge, extension cable. You can also bring a few added touches to make your room more personal.

3. For the bathroom – Bring toiletries, towels and a bathmat. If you know the people you are sharing with, see if someone else is bringing a hairdryer or straighter that you could borrow to save space. If you have an ensuite bathroom, you might want to bring cleaning products (bleach, hand soap etc) to keep that shine intact!

4. For studying – After a long summer off, you might have thrown away all your study equipment however you might find it useful to bring course books, folders, stationary, a laptop (Installed with Microsoft) and a small rucksack to transport everything in.

5. Extra bits and bobs – Extra things that you might want to think about is: an umbrella (After all, NCH London is in England!), passport & documents (especially for international students), medication, sports kit for your new hobbies and you never know when a sewing needle might come in handy!

I want to wish you good luck for September when you join NCH London, and I hope you remember everything you might need!