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A Letter to Freshers

Rebecca Stewart | June 24, 2018

I have a funny feeling there are A LOT of you coming to NCH very soon for Freshers week. You may want to get the low-down of what it’s like being an NCH fresher and how best to prepare. Here’s a few of my tips for a seamless transition into NCH life:


     1. Freshers Week (of course)

If you’re coming from outside of the UK, perhaps there is a slightly different norm when you start your undergraduate degree, but in the UK, Freshers’ Week is the first week of your undergrad where you meet your classmates and lecturers, set up your email account, get your library card and party (a little or a lot, depending on your style).

At NCH, you will also have a talk from a lecturer or Head of Faculty for each of your major and minor subjects introducing the content, how you will be taught and how to best prepare for your upcoming classes. As far as I can remember, the unlucky Econ majors will also have an extra introductory math session (sorry guys).


     2. Reading lists

I know, it’s crazy. You haven’t stepped foot in No.19 and there’s already a list of things for you to read. I’m going to level with you guys – I didn’t read my full list (shock! horror!). But I was fine. What I would say is the more you read before you join in September, the easier your transition will be, in terms of the content you will encounter in your first term.

With that said, please don’t spend your whole summer reading – relax a little!

You can find your reading list here.


     3. Get organised

Some people will have started their packing list as soon as they finished their final exams and others are going to wait until the week before leaving home. Both options are fine, but the more you organise in advance during the summer months, the less likely your move date will creep up on you.

Merely ensuring you know where you’re going, how to get there and what you’re bringing with you are key questions that should be sorted out as early as possible. I know for me, it was easier to travel to London with the essentials and buy supplementary items (towels, kitchen stuff etc) when I arrived. For some of my friends, they came with absolutely everything including a fridge worth of food as their parents were driving them to their accommodation.

It’s all up to you – just plan as much as you can!


     4. Talk to people!

It sounds a bit soppy but there are a lot of people who are really excited to meet you this September and want to see you achieve your best. There’s student ambassadors on Unibuddy (like me), many staff members you can email, as well as your fellow first-year students. You should also have been allocated a buddy by this stage, who is your mentor to answer all your queries before you join and as you settle into NCH life.

Ask anything – we’re all more than happy to help!

I hope that gave you a little insight to what your first weeks transitioning to NCH and London life will entail.

Look forward to meeting you soon!

Rebecca Stewart


Hello all! Rebecca here, second year LLB student taking an enrichment in Psychology. I'm the Law Society President and work on the Student Union Bar, as well as creating social media content for the college. Please do ask if you have any questions about life at the college.