The Evolution of Education

The NCH Academic Blog | June 14, 2018

Evolution of Education

In February of this year, a number of academics from New College of the Humanities (NCH) participated in a conference on the Evolution of Education at the University Center Shrewsbury (UCS), as part of the inaugural Darwin Shrewsbury Festival. The Master of the College, Professor Anthony Grayling (CBE) gave a keynote address, which both reflected on, and exhibited, the virtues of higher education in the humanities. (He also signed, on behalf of NCH, a memorandum of understanding with UCS.) In addition to Professor Grayling’s address, and many excellent contributions from academics at UCS, there were sessions on:

–        Education as a transformative experience – with Dr Brian Ball

           (Philosophy), Dr Catherine Brown (English), and Dr Naomi Goulder


–        Education and place – with Dr Catherine Brown (English); and

–        The nature of knowledge and learning – with Dr Brian Ball (Philosophy)

          and Dr Marianna Koli (Economics).


Some of these talks have now been written up here on the NCH Academic Blog, Ottoline Online. Please follow the links below to find out more!

–          ‘Education, Tutorials, and the Socratic Method

–          ‘Pedagogy and the Varieties of Knowledge’

–          ‘Studying English as Transformational’, in two parts:

            ‘Beauty Everywhere’, and ‘How to Live

–          ‘Transformation in Sport and Education’

–          ‘What is the Applied Ethics Approach?