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Academics at NCH to launch innovative, new, digital education platform

NCH London | May 29, 2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new digital education platform, designed and built by academics at the New College of the Humanities (NCH), with the financial backing of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists and other supporters.

This innovative educational platform is designed to provide accurate and intuitive accounts of material, arranged into easy-to-digest and self-contained chunks of information. It also provides an abundance of practice questions to help students assimilate what they learn.

The digital education platform will be unveiled on Friday 29th June 2018 at an event hosted by Professor A C Grayling, Master of the College. The launch will include a demonstration of the digital platform by Dr Naomi Goulder, Head of Faculty and Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Dr Fintan Nagle and Dr Ioannis Votsis, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Programme Director for Critical Reasoning & Science Literacy.

The College’s ambition is for the platform to aid digital learning among outreach audiences. To support this objective, it is expected that the day’s events will also include a demonstration of the platform to a group of year 12 students from two London-based, state schools. The College will also host a mini-workshop on digital education.

Speaking about plans for the digital education platform, Dr Ioannis Votsis said: “The College’s ultimate aim is to roll out the platform to outreach audiences, covering a wide range of subjects suitable for all age groups. By doing so, we hope that it will empower individuals across society and will support more engaged citizenship as well as well-informed and well-reasoned public debate.”

Dr Votsis added that “the College also plans to use the platform as a research tool to help deepen our understanding of best teaching and learning practices.”

The College is currently seeking partners to support the development of the platform’s content, methods of delivery, and research potential. Organisations wishing to discuss opportunities or to find out more are invited to contact Dr Ioannis Votsis, via email at

The first edition of the platform is currently being introduced for undergraduate-level students at the College and covers material from three core courses: Critical Reasoning, Science Literacy and Applied Ethics, which, alongside the LAUNCH professional development programme, form the NCH Diploma.

The diploma, which is studied alongside every NCH student’s undergraduate degree, aims to provide students with a more rounded education that, among other things, highlights the centrality of critical and scientific reasoning skills as well as a rational appreciation of the ethical complexities of modern life. The NCH Diploma is taught on-site through lectures and seminars given by members of our faculty as well as affiliated faculty, including Professor Richard Dawkins FRS FRSL, Professor Daniel Dennett, Professor Rebecca Goldstein, Professor Steven Pinker and Professor Peter Singer.