About the Ottoline Online

Brian Ball | April 13, 2018

The Ottoline Club is the official New College of the Humanities academic blog

Lady Ottoline Morrell (1873-1938) was a patron of the arts and literary hostess, who had a salon on Bedford Square – now home to New College of the Humanities (NCH). She lends her name to the College’s faculty-wide interdisciplinary discussion research seminars, the Ottoline Club.

The NCH Academic Blog aims to continue that discussion in a more public forum, presenting informed perspectives from those working in the humanities and social sciences. We also publish selected accounts of the Ottoline Proceedings.

NCH faculty members are leading authorities in their fields; and they are strongly supported by the College in their research activities.

It is this support which allows the faculty to cultivate the expertise which makes them not only the excellent educators they are, but also key intellectual participants in the wider world.

Brian Ball

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy