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Participation in Student Life

Delphine Legat | April 2, 2018

Why participation in student life is so important.
Student life at NCH can be quite quiet but its worth it if you make the effort. With the amount of work you have as a student, student life and making the most of the opportunities on your doorstep is essential to your survival kit 101 of NCH.
At other universities, your university experience is filled mostly with society nights, bar nights, and partying – i.e. a lot of play with arguably little work, whereas NCH offers a slightly different version of that, a much more independent version. NCH demands much more, with much more personality.
Student life is essential to your mental health and offering a little bit of stability to a relatively hectic NCH life. As well as being good for your soul and sanity, student life at NCH showcases the many wonderful and talented people at the university. We have a heavy music scene, with many versatile musicians. Our bands are insane; their music ranges from jazz to something a little more rock and roll. Our open mic nights give the best voices in the college a chance to shine, and the rest of us and opportunity to enjoy them.

We have an incredibly entertaining drama society, Bed Fellows, who bring us joy every term with a whimsical, brilliant collection of short plays, original or otherwise. This has led to many brilliant moments for audience members; we’ve laughed at moments of spontaneity, we’ve been drawn to the hidden talents of fellow students, and supported our colleagues in their subject specific bits – something which other universities cannot boast to the same degree.

Events outside of NCH organised by people from NCH are also really fun and is another important part of participation in student life.

With quite a few keen ears for classic records, techno, house and just about everything other genre of music there is, NCH is definitely not starved of weekend vibe potential. For a little more relaxed evening, pub crawls, pub quizzes, and a cheeky bev after your lecture are an integral part of NCH. This has been a tradition since the founding year set foot inside the building. They call for their legacy to be upheld!
More importantly getting involved in student life allows you to engage in something more in line with what makes you, you. For example the LGBTQ society offers a safe space to celebrate and encourage the amazing mix of people at NCH, and express your views, opinions, and personality. MUN, and the economics society allows the inner investor build up a portfolio, or express your inner diplomat. The Humanities Cup brings out the budding footballers in the College as the most functional sports society at the university. There are so many more societies to explore and even start up if you’re feeling bold!
It’s so easy to get sucked up in work at NCH, or fall off the bandwagon and hide away in your life away from the university, so it’s an absolute credit to us, that we’ve carved out a budding social scene. Student life at NCH is different, very different from other universities, so you might as well make the most of the opportunities which arise from this quirky little college.

Delphine Legat

Delphine Legat

I'm hoping to be an analyst for the EIU or write for a publication like the FT. In the meantime I am applying for a masters reading Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic at SOAS or Kings.